Woodford Reserve Classic Malt 2013

Woodford Reserve Classic Malt 2013

Master's Collection Classic Malt Whiskey 750ml Bottle
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Released over 10 years ago, Woodford Reserve's Master's Collection Classic Malt is an iconic release from the Kentucky distiller, and one that was an innovative experimental release in 2013.

Woodford Reserve Classic Malt 2013

An Inspired Innovation

Bottled at 90.4-proof, the Classic Malt takes cues from traditional Scotch whisky and is composed of 100% malted barley, aged in refill bourbon barrels. In 2013, it was extremely unusual for a bourbon distillery to produce whiskey in this way, and the Classic Malt was a pioneering, boundary-pushing release.

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A Wonderful Woodford Release

Expect a silky, satin-like mouthfeel thanks to the 100% malted barley mash bill, with bright hints of citrus, vanilla and warm oak layered throughout.

"Another outstanding release from the Master's Collection, the pigeon pair to the Straight Malt in 2013 - just fantastic drinking"

John Saunders

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