Wild Turkey Masters Keep Bottled In Bond 17

Wild Turkey Masters Keep Bottled In Bond 17

Master's Keep Bottled In Bond 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ml bottle

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Wild Turkey's Master's Keep Bottled in Bond 17-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a statement of quality craftsmanship and refined, sophisticated taste, further cementing the Wild Turkey name as an iconic part of Kentucky's bourbon history.

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Bottled in Bond

For the uninitiated, 'bottled in bond' constitutes a bottle produced in 1 season from a single distillery and aged in a federally bonded warehouse. The result is often remarkable, with the Master's Keep 17 Year Old no exception to this rule. 

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"The Star of My Bar"

A scintillating expression of smoothness, expect aromatic oakiness, vanilla, and toffee, before grainy cereal notes, subtle leather and moderate spice come to the fore.

"Master's Keep Collection is easily my favorite LE, top shelf and basically the star of my bar. Hard to choose between the BiB and 1894, Revival is so good too. WT have done it again!"

Kareem Trumbull

Frootbat Customer

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